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CSM-ACE 2018

Agenda & Speakers

Date : 25 September 2018 (Tuesday)
Time : 9.00 am - 12.30 pm
Venue : Tamingsari Grand Ballroom, Royale Chulan Kuala Lumpur



Management & Technical Track

8.00 am
9.00 am

(Management Track)

Title: Securing the ecosystem for 4IR – Defending against Cyber Attack (Sponsored by BAE)

Synopsis: To power innovation in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, security needs to be an enabler. As we remove the boundaries between humanity and technology, we create a world where change is global, fluid, and rapidly having a dramatic impact on people, property, government, and society. How do we defend against ecosystem attacks on augmented physical and cyber systems?

Mr. Barry Johnson, Country Manager, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence

Panelist 1:
Ir. Md Shah Nuri Md Zain, Chief Executive, National Cyber Security Agency (NACSA)

Panelist 2:
Dr. Suhazimah Dzazali, Deputy Director General (ICT), Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU)

Panelist 3:
Mr. Nishant Shandilya, Senior Consultant, Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovação (SPI) and EC Horizon 2020 Project YAKSHA Coordinator

Panelist 4:
Mr. Chris Carter, General Manager, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence

9.45 am

(Management Track)

Title: 4IR Implementation Challenges - Digital disruption is not an option! (Sponsored by Vigilant Asia)

Synopsis: Cyber security has provided the space that enables innovations to flourish and proliferate in everything from transportation to healthcare to finance. But if those systems get compromised and if they go offline; the result isn’t an inconvenience but a maelstrom. Hence, cyber security needs to sit in the center between people, property, government and society to enable industries to usher in technical advances in a secure manner. How is this going to be achieved and what are the challenges?

Mr. Clement Arul, Chief Technology Officer, Vigilant Asia

Panelist 1:
Dr. Rudi Lumanto, Chairman of Indonesia Security Incident, Response Team on Internet, Infrastructure

Panelist 2:
Dr. Mubbashir Iftikhar, Healthcare Digital Transformation Expert

Panelist 3:
Mr. Victor Cheah, Group CEO, Efficient E-Solutions Bhd & Vigilant Asia (M) Sdn Bhd

Panelist 4:
Mr. Stefanus Natahusada, Presales Manager, Kaspersky Lab Singapore

10.30 am
Networking Break
11.00 am

(Technical Track)

Title: Distributed Ledger Technology & Digital Identity – Smart contracts for 4IR (Sponsored by Deloitte)

Synopsis: Blockchain technology enables distributed manufacturing; offering industries unprecedented opportunities to develop new product and service lines, create new customer segments, enter new markets and find new ways to use the share assets. While the distributed ledger technology has multiple advantages, it’s in a nascent stage and is still being explored to adopt in the best possible ways and what are the best options of safeguarding it. Through smart contracts companies can minimize human intervention and ensure performance transparency, transaction certainty and auditability.

Mr. Megat Mohammad Faisal Khir Johari, Executive Director, Deloitte Risk Advisory

Panelist 1:
Mr. Shaikh Harun Mustafa, Executive Director, Chief Executive Officer, Datasonic Innovation

Panelist 2:
Mr. Abdul Fattah Yatim, Chairman, Malaysia’s National Standards Technical Committee on Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies

Panelist 3:
Prof. Magdy Saeb, Chief Technology Officer, Great Wall InfoSec (GWiS)

11.45 am

(Strategy Track)

Title: National Cyber Security Strategy – A Coherent Approach towards Cyber Sovereignty (Sponsored by FireEye)

Synopsis: Strong cyber security is a fundamental component for growth and prosperity as well as it is vital for national security and requires partnership involving government, the private sector and the community. However, most of the critical infrastructure is owned by the private sector. In order to secure the cyberspace it is important that the industry works with the government and other stakeholders to improve cyber defences and create solutions towards cyber sovereignty.

Prof. Khaeruddin Sudharmin, Advisor & Main Board Director, MRC Malaysia

Panelist 1:
Mr. Steve Ledzian, Senior Technical Director, Asia, FireEye

Panelist 2:
Mr. Hafiz A Razak, Manager, Asia Pacific IT Controls, ExxonMobil IT

Panelist 3:
Mr. Tony Teo, Sales Engineering Director, Asia Pacific, NETSCOUT Arbor

01.00 pm
End of Conference

Note: The program is subject to change without prior notice