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CSM-ACE Cyber Security Risk Management for C-Suite

Date 24th Sept 2018
Time 8.30 am - 5.00 pm
Venue Royale Chulan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Fee RM2,000.00 (Fees Include 0% GST)
Level Fundamental

This course prepares members of the board and other senior management to understand assess and take a proactive posture in cyber security. Along the way, attendees will investigate risk assessment and management frameworks that help mitigate the risks, as well as identify potential security gaps that could prove a liability. Finally, members of the board must be able to address the threats from Social Engineering and Advanced Persistent Threats that can decimate an organization.

  • Assess the responsibilities of the board for corporate cyber security.
  • Determine a proper security posture for your organization.
  • Identify gaps in coverage and countermeasures.
  • Prepare for advanced persistent threats and social engineering attacks.
  • Cyber security risk assessment and management for the Boardroom and C-Suite.
  • C-Level
  • Senior Management
  • IT Security Practitioner
  • IT Personnel


  • Defining areas of concern
  • Assessing the stakes of cyber security

Examining the Impact of Cyber Security Breaches

  • Identifying sources of cyber security risk
  • Analyzing breaches and their costs
  • Categorizing threats
  • Assessing your cyber security posture
  • Measuring and meeting cyber security objectives
  • Complying with regulatory requirements

Investigating Risk Frameworks

  • Deploying risk frameworks
  • Selecting the best risk management for your organization

Identifying Security Gaps

  • Inspecting the causes of excessive residual risk
  • Removing factors that increase risk
  • Minimizing residual risk

Handling Residual Threats and Risk

  • Examining security metrics to deal with risk
  • Comprehending regulatory requirements
  • Identifying causes of failed security

Exploring Today's Greatest Threats

  • Discovering the advanced persistent threat
  • Managing the threat of social engineering
  • Protecting sensitive and targeted assets

Defending Against Technical Breaches of Organizational Security

  • Discussing significant breaches as a case study
  • Reviewing lessons learned from recent attacks

Developing Personnel Security to Resist Social Engineering

  • Addressing the issue of human vulnerability
  • Analyzing historic failures of OPSEC and breaches

Preventing the Hybrid Advanced Persistent Threat Attacks

  • Exploring how these attacks work
  • Identifying remediation and preventative measures

Summarizing the Role of the Board in Cyber Security

  • Being aware of the most serious threats
  • Ensuring that the proper focus is placed upon known issues and threats
  • 2 x tea break and 1 lunch for 1 day training