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CSM-ACE Cyber Security Essential

Date 24th & 26th Sept 2018
Time 8.30 am - 5.00 pm
Venue Royale Chulan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Fee RM 2,800.00 (Fees Include 0% GST)
Level Fundamental

This course provides general understanding about the importance of cyber security; create awareness on the growing cyber threats, cyber trends and on how these threats being a catalyst towards cyber terrorism and internet radicalization. It gives a broad introduction of cyber security while complementing with an understanding on the various types of cyber threats, risks and vulnerabilities that exist within our environment.

This is a 2-days comprehensive course tailored according to the Malaysian perspective.

  • To nurture participants on the importance of cyber security.
  • To increase awareness on the use of internet in radicalization.
  • To raise the adoption of cyber security in creating a safer cyberspace and a better place to live and work.
  • To understand the different types of threats, risks and vulnerabilities that exist in both cyberspace and non-cyberspace environments.
  • To learn about the different type of security management practices.
  • To learn about the various components in cyber terrorism.
  • To understand the cyber terrorism framework which describe the core aspects of cyber terrorism.
  • To gain more understanding on cyber security by reviewing case studies.
  • IT and non-IT managers and executives
  • Those who are new to cyber security and are seeking to learn and improve their knowledge and skills in the field.
  • Cyber security Team leaders and critical information custodians.
  • Anyone who has basic fundamentals of IT and is interested to learn more about cyber security.
  1. Fundamental of cyber security.
    • Cyber security and the C.I.A.
    • Introduction of cyber threats & vulnerability.
      • Technology related threat.
      • Cyber content related threat.
    • Organization's Objectives in deploying cyber security initiatives.
    • General architecture of cyber security.
    • Defense-in-Depth.
    • Proactive Defense in Securing the Eco-Systems.
    • An Introduction to Incident Handling.
    • An Introduction to Digital Forensic.
    • An Introduction to Information Security Management.
      • Security Policies
      • Business Continuity Planning & Disaster Recovery Planning
      • Information Security Standards
      • Risk Assessment & Management

  2. Security Incidents, Law and the National Cyber Security Policy.
    • Cyber Security Incident Statistic.
    • Real Cyber Incidents.
    • An Introduction to Malaysia Cyber related laws.
    • Critical National Information Infrastructure (CNII).
    • National Cyber Security Policy (NCSP).

  3. Cyber Crimes.
    • Cyber Space Challenges.
    • An Introduction to Cyber Crime.
    • Current Cybercrime Trend &Threats.

  4. Internet Radicalization & Cyber Terrorism
    • Process in radicalization
    • Enormous concern on Internet Radicalization Worldwide
    • Enormous Attention on Cyber Terrorism Worldwide


  • 2 x tea break and 1 lunch for 2 day training